MCAC has created three (3) Trail Rides on the major off-road trails in the City.  Each ride is approximately 30km in length (round-trip).  The routes are posted; try riding them yourself, anytime!

Burnhamthorpe Trail

Culham Trail

Waterfront Trail  (Below: Connecting the Waterfront Trail through Lakeview)

► See the interactive Region of Peel Trails webpage.

► The Etobicoke Creek Trail is partially in Mississauga.  View Off-Road IMAGES (34-slide Facebook photo album) of the Trail.  NOTE: The Etobicoke Creek Trail is closed at Highway 401 in Mississauga during a multiple-year construction period.

Lakeview Waterfront Connection - A Natural Place to Cycle

March 2018:  Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and the Region of Peel, with the support of the City of Mississauga and technical expertise from TRCA are collaborating on a lakefill project (as inspired by the late Councillor Jim Tovey) to create the new Lakeview Conservation Area along the Mississauga shoreline, where there is currently no public access to Lake Ontario.  Public Opening is slated for 2023-2026.

The new 26-acre naturalized green space and wetland will connect with Marie Curtis Park to the east (in Etobicoke), and the Inspiration Lakeview lands to the west, around the G.E. Booth Waste Water Treatment Plant.  At left: Aerial MAP of project area. Source: LWC Newsletter (11/13).

The Waterfront Trail through Mississauga (in Lakeview) will finally be connected with the Lake Ontario waterfront.  The Waterfront Trail currently detours along Lakeshore Road, away (north) from the Lake.

MCAC is represented on the LWC Community Liaison Committee (CLC) which has met in an advisory capacity since early 2012 as the Environmental Assessment (EA), design concept, storage of fill, construction plan and future uses of the lakefill site have evolved.  From the beginning, MCAC has advocated for cycling trails along the Lake Ontario shoreline, as well as further inland, in order to accommodate both cyclists travelling through the site on the re-routed Waterfront Trail, and those riding to the Lakeview Conservation Area as a destination.

At left: Concept image of cyclists and pedestrians along the restored Lakeview waterfront connection.  Methods to ensure harmony between cyclists and pedestrians along the waterfront pathway are being planned (originally, cycling was to be excluded from the waterfront portion).

The CLC last met on October 24, 2017, where we viewed the one-year anniversary VIDEO of the lakefill construction and restoration process which began in November 2016.

MORE:  See the Credit Valley Conservation's Lakeview Waterfront Connection website.

► The Morphology Art Exhibit (information) took place March 22-28, 2018 at Mississauga City Hall and offered a photographic glimpse into the constructed progress of the LWC and the Birth of a Wetland.

NOTE: The Morphology Exhibit was also inspired by the late Councillor Jim Tovey, to showcase the importance of restoring coastal wetlands in urban areas.

Click image for Poster.

2017 Mississauga Bike Trails MAP

SHARE THE PATH: MCAC is considering recommendations concerning the content, format and placement of signage along trails, as well as the use of painted centre lines to encourage all trail users to stay to their right.

NOTE: Cyclists, ring your bells to alert fellow cyclists and pedestrians on the trail, and pass only on the left.