Mississauga Tourism - Promoting a Cycling Component

February 2018:  MCAC was invited to participate in a Stakeholder Information Session for an assessment of Mississauga’s strengths and gaps as a competitive destination.  This was an opportunity to provide direct insight into Mississauga’s tourism environment within the context of global benchmarks.

The assessment took the form of a 360-degree balanced SURVEY of key stakeholders in tourism, business, education, government, meetings and other related sectors and roles connected in some meaningful way to the attraction of visitors to Mississauga.  The results of the survey will provide important benchmarking for Mississauga and help inform the continued refinement and implementation of the Mississauga Tourism Master Plan (approved 2017).

► Press Release (November 1, 2017): City's New Tourism Plan Focuses on Making Mississauga a Tourist Destination.

► Download the Mississauga Tourism Master Plan (69p PDF).

► View the 2018 Mississauga Official Visitor Guide (cover shown far left) and enter 'cycling' into the search box to find (6) mentions in the Guide.  NOTE: Page 34, Cycling is voted the #1 outdoor activity in Mississauga!

Want to explore Mississauga by bike?  Visit our Community Rides webpage.

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