Mississauga Cycling Master Plan - Update

May 2017:  The City of Mississauga has launched Does Cycling Move You? (interactive website).  Sign on to share your ideas about the future of cycling in Mississauga.

An MCAC working group is collaborating with the City's Active Transportation Division to update the current (2010) Mississauga Cycling Master Plan (posted in sidebar) during 2017-2018.  This includes standards for winter maintenance of cycling infrastructure.

Mississauga’s Strategic Plan envisions a city of vibrant, safe, and connected communities.  Cycling plays an important role in supporting this vision and realizing Strategic Plan goals.  Mississauga is committed to building a city that supports multi-modal transportation including cycling, walking, public transit and cars.  See also Mississauga Moves.

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Now Toronto article

July 13, 2017 Watch out Toronto, Mississauga is passing you in the bike lane.  Excerpt:  "Mississauga is in the midst of gathering public input to update its bike plan. Guess what?  The public really want bike lanes. Not just white lines on the pavement kind of bike lanes. The city is talking about separated bike lanes on major arterials: Dundas, which is currently in the midst of a major corridor study, Burnhamthorpe and on Hurontario, where cycling is proposed as part of the LRT plan.  The idea is not only to connect Mississauga’s neighbourhoods and historic village centres, but to make it possible for anyone and everyone to bike safely."


Mississauga Cycling Survey

May 2017:  The 2017 update to the City's Cycling Master Plan has begun.  The recent online Survey as part of the Does Cycling Move You? project will help explain why you cycle or don’t cycle, and what would encourage you to start cycling or cycle more often.  Individual responses remain confidential.  The results will be used for the city's Cycling Master Plan update that will guide cycling projects and programs until 2022.  Over 2500 responses were received!