Mississauga Moves - Transportation Master Plan to 2041

November 2017:  The City of Mississauga is developing a first-ever Transportation Master Plan that will shape our transportation system and how we move from today to 2041.  This is our chance to plan together for the future of travel on our roads, sidewalks, trails and transit.

► See the Mississauga Moves (website) to learn more about the consultative process, and how you can provide comment!

The first public Mississauga Moves Open House was held on November 16, 2017.  MCAC citizen members attended.  The next will be Spring 2018.

► View the Display Boards from the November 2017 Open House.

Take the ONLINE SURVEY.  NOTE: This is an opportunity to advocate for safe cycling infrastructure, to enable balanced transportation options to keep the City moving even with anticipated population growth.


Mississauga Moves 2015 - Transportation Summit

This was the City of Mississauga’s first Transportation Summit which included local and international experts as well as exhibitors for interactive workshops and presentations.  Topics included managing Mississauga’s future growth and congestion, evolving the City’s transit network, the possible impacts of driverless cars and making Mississauga’s streets more 'complete'.  Citizen members of MCAC attended and advocated for cycling as part of the City's transportation options.

► View the Summit AGENDA.  View the VIDEO of the Summit presentations.



Four (4) MCAC citizen reps sit on the Mississauga Moves Community Panel which has been established to be a sounding board and assist in spreading the word about the Mississauga Moves project.