#CycleON - Ontario's Cycling Strategy

#CycleON: Ontario's Cycling Strategy (released in August 2013) looks ahead 20 years and asks what needs to be done to help more people and communities in Ontario reap the benefits of cycling.  It is designed to encourage the growth of cycling and improve cycling safety in Ontario.

"Increasing the number of cyclists in Ontario holds many potential long-term benefits.  Ontario's Cycling Strategy supports Ontarians adopting healthier and active lifestyles, the tourism industry, as well as the achievement of environmental and economic objectives.  The province will play a leadership role in striving to achieve our cycling vision, but we are asking municipalities, the public, road users, businesses and non-governmental organizations to partner with us to create a more cycling-friendly future for Ontario."

At the heart of the Strategy are a bold Vision, ambitious Goals and a set of carefully targeted Strategic Directions (click here to view these) to guide development of policies, programs and legislation over the next 20 years.

► In 2014, Ontario released #CycleON Action Plan 1.0 (4p PDF pamphlet), the first in a series of ongoing, multi-year action plans.

Vision 2033:  Cycling in Ontario is recognized, respected, and valued as a core mode of transportation that provides individuals and communities with health, economic, environmental, social and other benefits.

#CycleON Goals:
1. Design healthy, active and prosperous communities
2. Improve cycling infrastructure
3. Make highways and streets safer
4. Promote cycling awareness and behavioural shifts
5. Increase cycling tourism in Ontario.


#CycleON website (has all document links)

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport (MTCS) are developing the next multi-year action plan to advance implementation of #CycleON.  NOTE:  The ► Public Comment period (details) ends March 7, 2018 for the Proposal (14p PDF). Comments may be submitted online.