Community Ride: Streetsville & Old Meadowvale Village

DATE:  Saturday, June 10, 2017 @ 10:00 am  (165 registered)

START / END:  Streetsville Village Square, by Murphy's Ice Cream Parlor (photo), located at 9 Main Street (map).

PARKING:  There is no parking at the Village Square.  One free option is Vic Johnston Community Centre (map) at 335 Church St.  Another is the Streetsville GO Station (map) at 45 Thomas Street (at Mississauga Road).

WARD 11:  We are pleased that Ward 11 Councillor George Carlson will be kicking us off for this ride in his ward!

FEATURES:  Old Meadowvale Village, Ontario's first designated Heritage District.  Unpaved trail through Meadowvale Conservation Area (*all-paved bypass available).  Two (2) crossings of the Credit River, the jewel of Mississauga.  Starts and ends at new Streetsville Village Square.  NOTE: FREE Admission to Meadowvale Conservation Area by bike.

BIKE BICENTENNIAL:  In recognition of the 200th anniversary of the bike (in June 2017), the Streetsville route will take us to Old Meadowvale Village (area first settled in 1819) and a stop at the amazing Meadowvale Miniature Village (see video) to experience heritage from the period when the bike was invented.

RIDE WITH GPS!  [Distance: 19.8 km round-trip for full route; 18.2 km for all-paved variation via Old Derry Road West*]

GPS full route MAP   (includes ~1km easy-ride unpaved trail through Conservation Area) 
CUE SHEET - full route  (2p PDF -- final)

GPS route MAP - All paved  (*by-passes Conservation Area )
CUE SHEET - All-paved  (1p PDF -- final

Click map image at left for enlargement


Views of the unpaved MEADOWVALE CONSERVATION AREA TRAIL and the Credit River from the BRIDGE at the Conservation Area: