Community Ride: Meadowvale

DATE:  Thursday, June 8, 2017 @ 6:15 pm  (165+ registered)

START / END:  Baskin Robbins, 6040 Glen Erin Drive (map) at Britannia Rd W (NW corner, in the FreshCo plaza).  We'll gather at the rear of the plaza near the trail entrance.

FEATURES:  Trails, Trails, Trails! Almost all-paved, including Lake Wabukayne Trail and Lake Aquitaine Trail.

RIDE WITH GPS!  [Distance includes round-trip]

GPS route MAP - Includes unpaved trail  (14.6 km)
    *Includes ~300m unpaved (hard-packed) path
    (at Windrush Woods)
CUE SHEET - Includes unpaved trail  (2p PDF)

GPS route MAP - All-paved alternate  (15.4 km)
    **By-passes unpaved path
CUE SHEET - All-paved alternate  (2p PDF)

Click map image at left for enlargement






View of the (unpaved) WINDRUSH WOODS TRAIL (at Gulfstream Way / Millcreek Drive)