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Community Ride: Malton

DATE:  Saturday, July 8, 2017 @ 10:00 am  (65 registered)

MEET / PARKING:  Paul Coffey (Malton) Arena, 3430 Derry Road East (map) at Goreway Drive (SW corner) where we will be gathering in the parking lot to begin the ride.

END POINT:  McDonalds, 3510 Derry Road East (map) across the road from the Arena.

FEATURES:  The route includes the Malton Greenway along Mimico Creek, Paul Coffey Park (formerly Wildwood Park), Victory Village and Old Malton Village and the new Malton Village Park.

RIDE WITH GPS!  [Distance: 15.9 km round-trip]

GPS route MAP  (Final)


Click map image at left for enlargement




FEATURE:  The Malton Greenway along Mimico Creek


View of the MALTON GREENWAY (Bridge) over Mimico Creek:

Visit the CF-100 airplane monument at Legion Memorial Gardens on Derry Road East (west of Goreway Drive).
Click for Malton history.