Community Ride: Culham Trail

DATE:  Saturday, September 30, 2017 @ 9:30 am  (155 registered)

START / END:  Erindale Park parking lot, 1695 Dundas Street West (map).  FREE ice cream treats after the ride.

FEATURE:  The ride coincides with the annual trout and salmon run (migration) upstream (images) on the Credit River.  View the  Credit Valley Conservation webpage about viewing locations and tips.  The rustic Sawmill Valley Trail is also featured, including unpaved (hard pack) and boardwalk sections.

IMPORTANT - TYPE OF BIKE:  Use of a hybrid, touring or mountain bike is essential (route NOT suitable for road bikes).  Tire width should be at least 32mm.  The trail is often rugged and/or steep, but very scenic (images).  There is no paved alternative for the trail portion of the route.  Bikes should be in good repair.

CHALLENGE:  This is a ride through a beautiful section of Mississauga with some great views of the Credit River and its surrounding natural environment.  However, riders who are considering this ride need to be aware of the challenges associated with it.  It is not suitable for small children.  The entire route is marshalled.

Riders should be reasonably fit to handle this ride based on the following characteristics:

   - Of the total distance of 28.6 km, ~ 30% of the ride is on unpaved trails, consisting of crushed stone and gravel.
   - In some places the gravel is quite loose; caution is required to maintain lateral stability on the bike.
   - There are (3) very steep climbs ranging from 100M to 300M in total length, one of which is on an unpaved trail.
   - There are two very steep descents with sharp turns in the middle and at the bottom.  One is on an unpaved trail.
     The other descent is paved but levels out onto a gravel section.  Extreme caution is required for these descents.
     Ensure brakes are functioning efficiently, as riders will have to be applying their brakes for the entire descent to
   - There is also the option to *walk bikes* up and down the unpaved climbs and descents, and many do!
   - There is no official cutback provided in the design of this year's ride; be sure you can complete the entire route.

NOTE:  The FREE Community Rides are a series of casual cycling tours in all corners of Mississauga from May until October.  Led by citizen member volunteers of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC), group rides are an opportunity for residents to explore Mississauga on their bikes.

RIDE WITH GPS!  [Distance: 28.6 km round-trip] 

GPS route MAP 

Click map image at left for enlargement




'The Majestic Credit River' video features Culham Trail

There is a Heritage Mississauga video (July 28, 2015) which includes cycling on the Culham Trail running along the Credit River in Mississauga!  After receiving positive input from Community Riders, we have added the MCAC Culham Trail Ride to the Schedule.  View video below...

View of the CULHAM TRAIL (south of Eglinton Ave)