Community Ride: Creditview

DATE:  Thursday, July 27, 2017 @ 6:15 pm  (130 registered)

START / END:  Plaza at 1220 Eglinton Ave West (map) at Creditview Rd (Adonis Supermarket plaza).  Parking is available in the plaza parking lot.  FREE ice cream at the McDonalds in the plaza after the ride.

FEATURES:  The Creditview Bog (we go to the Lookout); Carolyn Creek Trail; River Grove Trail (image below).

RIDE WITH GPS!  [Distance: 15.0 km round-trip]

GPS route MAP

Click map image at left for enlargement

NOTE: On the River Grove Trail behind the Community Centre there is a 150m hard-packed dirt section which is fairly smooth and shouldn't be an issue for road bikes.  The alternate (if preferred) is to go through the parking lot in front of the Community Centre, then pick up the trail on the north side of the tennis courts.


View of CREDITVIEW WETLAND (main entrance on Willowvale Gardens; pedestrian trails only).  See WEBSITE. View of RIVER GROVE TRAIL (featured on the route):