Citizen volunteers advising City Council on cycling issues

2017 Community Rides are again FREE!

*SAVE THE DATE*  Our 2017 Kick-off Community Ride to Toronto Pearson will be Saturday, May 13, 2017 @ 9:30 am.

We are pleased that the Community Rides series continued as an expanded program of the MCAC again this year!  WE HAVE NOW COMPLETED the 2016 Schedule.

PRIZES:  Participants, track your rides and qualify for prizes!  Stay tuned for info on what to do with your 2016 Ride Card!

REGISTRATION:  *ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SOON*  You can Register for multiple rides without having to repeat all your information.  Register from any of the ride webpages accessible from the purple menu bar above.  Stay tuned for 2017!

ALL RIDERS ARE WELCOME including from outside Mississauga.  We have Volunteer Marshals to help us ride in 2-3 separate groups according to your comfort riding level.  Come and learn about cycling in Mississauga!  Safety Guidelines

BIKE HELMETS:  By provincial law, all minors (i.e. under 18 years old) are required to wear a bicycle helmet in Ontario.  MCAC has adopted a Mandatory Bike Helmet policy for ALL riders participating in our cycling events, including adults aged 18 and over.

MECHANICAL ISSUES:  On most rides, we have had one or more riders who experience mechanical issues or flat tires.  Although sometimes these cannot be avoided, riders can minimize the chances of a mechanical issue by properly maintaining and checking their bikes before each ride.  Riders should check the condition of their tires (including proper pressure), brakes, cables, chain, and shifting gears before each ride.  NOTE:  The rides are 'Guided', but not 'Supported', in that riders are responsible for arranging their own transportation if they should experience a bicycle break down while on a Community Ride.  

MINORS:  All minors aged 17* years and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  *Minors aged 14-17 may ride on Community Rides unaccompanied, if their parent/guardian gives online permission.

CHILDREN:  Children aged 7+ may ride on their own if their parent feels they are capable.  All children must be registered separately.  Children may ride on the sidewalk where their parent deems it appropriate.

YOUNG CHILDREN:  Child trailers, bike-mounted child seats or tandem-tows are welcome on the Rides!  Children aged 6 years and under may participate if 'attached' to a parent/guardian's bike (and also must be registered separately, even infants).

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Two (2) hours notice will be given on Ride Day for any cancellation (e.g. due to weather) on: Facebook, Twitter and this webpage.  An e-mail will be sent to all registered riders.  A Rain Date will be set then, or later.

NOTE: The FREE Community Rides are a series of casual cycling tours in all corners of Mississauga from May until October. Led by citizen member volunteers of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC), these group rides are an opportunity for residents to explore Mississauga on their bikes. The 2016 Community Rides series is sponsored by Toronto Pearson Airport.  All rides are followed by FREE refreshments provided courtesy of Toronto Pearson.

Please e-mail us at: for any questions about this program.

MCAC Deputation (May 11, 2016) launching the 2016 Community Rides program! (19p PDF)

2017 KICK-OFF RIDE! (details pending)

COMPLETED! 2016 Rides Schedule. See purple menu bar for info about each ride.