Community Rides to Start in May 2018

Planning for the 2018 Schedule is underway, informed by our Online Survey (summary).

*SAVE THE DATE*  Our Kick-off Ride to the Airport on Saturday, May 5, 2018 @ 10:00 am will be hosted by our exclusive Sponsor, Toronto Pearson (GTAA).


Meanwhile, check out the purple menu bar (above) for established routes in many Mississauga neighbourhoods, including points of interest.  See Basic Information for Community Riders (below).

► Details of the 2018 Bike Challenge are TBA -- stay tuned!

MEMORIAL RIDE:  MCAC is planning a Jim Tovey Memorial Ride in Ward 1, on Saturday, June 2, 2018.  Further information will be posted here.  MCAC tribute:  Councillor Jim Tovey - Remembered as a Champion for Cycling.


FREE Community Rides T-Shirts

April 2018:  Thanks to Toronto Pearson, our exclusive Community Rides Sponsor, we have been able to produce a FREE souvenir T-shirt for all the communities we have toured in Mississauga (the list is on the back).  The 25 bicycles on the front (in Toronto Pearson logo colours) represent the 24 rides plus the Tour de Mississauga which were conducted in 2017.

The familiar Toronto Pearson logo features red, green and turquoise shades we have chosen to use on our Rides posters as well as the T-shirts.

HOW TO GET YOUR T-SHIRTS:  *FREE* T-shirts will be available to Community Riders in Spring 2018, once the Rides series gets underway.  Here's how the T-shirts look (at the Cycling Open House in November 2017).  SIZES: unisex adult S - XXLT-shirts are first come, first serve -- we have quite a few!


Basic Information for Community Riders

Community Rides are a FREE series of casual cycling tours in all corners of Mississauga from May through September.  Led by citizen member volunteers of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC), these group rides are an opportunity for residents to explore Mississauga on their bikes.  The 2018 series is exclusively sponsored by Toronto Pearson for a fifth year!

REGISTRATION:  You can Register for multiple rides without having to repeat all your information.  Register from any of the ride webpages on the purple menu bar above.  *ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR 2018 NOT YET OPEN*

CANCELLATION POLICY:  At least two (2) hours notice is given on Ride Day for any cancellation (e.g. due to weather) on: Facebook, Twitter and this webpage.  All Registered riders will be e-mailed.  If the weather forecast warrants, rides may be cancelled ahead of the Ride Day.  A Rain Date may be announced then, or later.

BIKE HELMETS:  By provincial law, all minors are required to wear a bicycle helmet in Ontario.  MCAC has a Mandatory Bike Helmet policy for ALL riders participating in our cycling events, including adults aged 18 and over.

MECHANICAL ISSUES:  Minimize the chance of a mechanical issue or flat tire by properly maintaining and checking your bike before each ride.  Check the condition of tires (including proper pressure), brakes, cables, chain, and shifting gears.  NOTE:  The rides are 'Guided', but not 'Supported' -- riders are responsible for arranging their own transportation if they are unable to complete a Community Ride due to mechanical breakdown or any other reason.

ALL RIDERS ARE WELCOME including from outside Mississauga.  We have Volunteer Marshals to help us ride in 2-3 separate groups according to your comfort riding level.  Come and learn about cycling in Mississauga.

MINORS:  All minors aged 17* years and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  *Minors aged 14-17 may ride on Community Rides unaccompanied, if their parent/guardian gives online permission.

CHILDREN:  Children aged 7+ may ride on their own if their parent feels they are capable.  All children must be registered separately.  Children may ride on the sidewalk where their parent deems it appropriate.

YOUNG CHILDREN:  Children aged 6 years and under may participate if  'attached'  to a parent/guardian's bike via child trailer, bike-mounted child seat or tandem-tow.  NOTE: Even infants must be registered separately.







FREE 2017 Mississauga Cycling Maps are handed out on the Community Rides.

Other SWAG is handed out as donated by local bike shops or Region of Peel Walk+Roll.


2016 Community Rides Launch (19p PDF)


2015 Community Rides Launch (14p PDF)