2018 Community Rides Survey

March 2018:  MCAC is planning a new series of Community Rides for May through October 2018.  We would appreciate hearing from participants on any (or many) of our past Rides (e.g. during 2017), and also from those who haven't participated thus far, so that we can design a refreshed series of Rides and related events this year.

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MORE:  See the MCAC Community Rides webpage.


Building a Bike-Friendly Canada - National Cycling Strategy

MARCH 2018:  Much of our focus at MCAC is on local and regional cycling issues, as well as the provincial #CycleON strategy which directly impacts our municipality, but there is also a national bike-friendly movement underway in Canada.

► PRIMER: A National Cycling Strategy Overview (8p PDF), is a living document prepared by Canada Bikes in March 2016 (cover shown at left).

Canadian Cycling Magazine article (December 9, 2017):  Canada, it’s time to adopt a National Cycling Strategy: Providing framework for a better system Excerpt:  "Recently, Canada Bikes has requested that our federal government adopt a National Cycling Strategy.  Petitions have been circulated and Bill C-312, an Act to Establish a National Cycling Strategy, has already passed it first reading in the House of Commons.  The act would not only facilitate the building of safe and efficient cycling infrastructure, but support national programs, standards, education and cycling training."

The E-Petition for a National Cycling Strategy closed on March 6, 2018.  Nearly 4500 people (including Mississauga cycling advocates) signed in favour of a federal plan to support safe, convenient, accessible cycling for all ages and abilities, all over Canada.  Source: Canada Bikes, March 2018 Newsletter.

NOTE: The 2nd annual National Bike Summit (Info & Registration) takes place in Ottawa, May 28-29, 2018, to encourage & engage federal vision and leadership.

MORE:  See the Canada Bikes National Cycling Strategy webpage.


Lakeview Waterfront Connection - A Natural Place to Cycle

March 2018:  Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and the Region of Peel, with the support of the City of Mississauga and technical expertise from TRCA are collaborating on a lakefill project to create a new conservation area along the Mississauga shoreline, where there is currently no public access to Lake Ontario.  See the Morphology Exhibit (March 22-28, 2018).

The new 26-acre naturalized green space and wetland will connect with Marie Curtis Park to the east (in Etobicoke), and the Inspiration Lakeview lands to the west, around the G.E. Booth Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The Waterfront Trail through Lakeview will finally be connected with the Lake Ontario waterfront.  The Trail currently detours along Lakeshore Road, away (north) from the lake in this area.

At left: Aerial MAP of LWC project area. Source: LWC Newsletter (11/13)

MCAC is represented on the LWC Community Liaison Committee (CLC) which has met in an advisory capacity since early 2012 as the Environmental Assessment (EA), design concept, storage of fill, construction plan and future uses of the lakefill site have evolved.  From the beginning, MCAC has advocated for cycling trails along the Lake Ontario shoreline, as well as further inland, in order to accommodate both cyclists travelling through the site on the re-routed Waterfront Trail, and those riding to the conservation area as a destination.

At left: Concept image of cyclists and pedestrians along the restored Lakeview waterfront connection.  Methods to ensure harmony between cyclists and pedestrians along the waterfront pathway are being planned (originally, cycling was to be excluded from the waterfront portion).

The CLC last met on October 24, 2017, where we viewed the one-year anniversary VIDEO of the lakefill construction and restoration process which began in November 2016.  Public Opening is slated for 2023-2026.

MORE:  See the Lakeview Waterfront Connection website.  NOTE: The Morphology Art Exhibit is open March 22-28, 2018 in the Great Hall at the Mississauga Civic Centre and offers a photographic glimpse into the constructed progress of the LWC and the 'birth of a wetland,' as inspired by the late Councillor Jim Tovey.


Metrolinx Plan - Regional Cycling Network (GTHA)

March 2018:  Metrolinx has released the Draft Final 2041 Regional Transportation Plan for the GTHA - Engagement Report (45p PDF) summarizing input from municipal partners as well as residents' comments, based on the Draft RTP (September 2017).  The consultation included how to optimize the commuter cycling-to-transit interface.

MCAC representatives participated in the Peel Region public roundtable meeting (event image + summary report, pp.15-19) in Mississauga, October 5, 2017.

At left:  MAP - Draft Final 2014 Regional Cycling Network (GTHA).  Source: Draft Final 2041 RTP for the GTHA (197p PDF) - March 1, 2018 ed., p104.

We expressed strong support for the proposed Regional Cycling Network (map at left) which would integrate with the GTHA regional transit network and address 'the last mile' issue.  Cycling or walking to rapid-transit stations would be made safe and accessible via new on- and off-road facilities, helping commuter cyclists traverse boundaries and physical barriers, and reducing the need to drive to transit stations, which results in considerable (often "free") parking allocation in the form of multi-storey garages and surface lots at GO Stations.  Bike parking at transit stations, and ability to take bicycles on transit vehicles are also key amenities to help achieve the RTP goals.

MORE:  See the 2041 Regional Transportation Plan website (lots to browse here!)


Hurontario LRT - Spring Open Houses

March-April 2018:  Metrolinx will host a series of Open Houses this Spring in Mississauga and Brampton to update residents about the status of the Hurontario LRT project (click image for enlargement).

This is an excellent opportunity for cyclists to learn more about the planned cycle tracks which will run the full length of the LRT corridor.  Bike parking, and taking bikes on the LRVs (the 48m-long LRT vehicles), are some of the other cycling amenities being discussed with Metrolinx.

MORE:  See the MCAC Hurontario LRT webpage.


Dundas Connects Master Plan - Corridor Vision goes to PDC

March 2018:  UPDATE - The final DRAFT of the Dundas Connects Master Plan will go to the Planning & Development Committee (PDC) of Mississauga Council on Monday, April 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm.  The draft Master Plan will be posted online (and linked here) no later than Monday, March 19, 2018.

Over the next 35 to 40 years the number of people who live, work, learn and travel along the Dundas Street corridor will increase.  To manage this growth, the City of Mississauga is developing a long-term, future-oriented Master Plan focusing on transit, land-use, and public space.

► Cycling infrastructure is a big part of the plan.  Left: Concept image.

MORE:  See Dundas Connects website, including the Master Plan (197p PDF).


Ontario Bike Summit - April 16, 17 & 18, 2018

REGISTER NOW!  MCAC reps will be attending the 2018 Ontario Bike Summit sponsored by Share the Road Cycling Coalition (website).

The 10th Annual Ontario Bike Summit is taking place in Toronto on April 17 & 18, 2018.  There is also an all-day pre-summit workshop on April 16 about next steps for a Bike Education program in Ontario.

The theme of the Summit is Looking Back and Rolling Forward.  There will be an exciting 2 days of speakers, workshops, a bike ride and networking sessions planned.

► See the OBS Registration webpage for Agenda (and Event Summary) as well as recaps from past years (2014-2017).


Mississauga Tourism - Promoting a Cycling Component

February 2018:  MCAC was invited to participate in a Stakeholder Information Session (February 6, 2018) for an assessment of Mississauga’s strengths and gaps as a competitive destination.  Needless to say, we are suggesting even more cycling!

► View the 2018 Mississauga Official Visitor Guide online and enter 'cycling' into the search box.  NOTE: On Page 34, Cycling is voted the #1 outdoor activity in Mississauga!

► See the MCAC Community Rides webpage to explore Mississauga by bike, anytime!

MORE: See the MCAC Cycling Tourism webpage


Cycling on Roundabouts

February 2018:  It is expected that the 'roundabout' intersection format will become more prevalent in Mississauga.  MCAC is concerned that cycling safety be inherent in the design and signage.

In Canada, a modern roundabout is a type of circular intersection in which vehicles travel counter-clockwise around a central island, and can contain multiple lanes.  Vehicles entering the roundabout must yield to circulating traffic.  Roundabouts have specific geometric design and traffic control features to enhance safety and intersection capacity.  Source: TAC's Primer on Roundabouts in Canada (4p PDF).

MORE:  See the MCAC Roundabouts webpage for information about planned changes to some Mississauga roundabouts.


Snow Clearing of Mississauga's Cycling Infrastructure

March 2018:  Cyclists have been reporting all winter that snow clearing of cycling infrastructure has been incomplete and unpredictable.  NOTE:  Call 3-1-1 re any cycling infrastructure in need of snow-clearing.

MCAC is encouraging published standards for clearing and maintaining cycling infrastructure via the City's Mississauga Snow website.  We are expecting an announcement of improved service levels on April 1, 2018.

MORE:  See MCAC's Snow Clearing webpage, and Winter Road Salting.


Councillor Jim Tovey - Remembered as a Champion for Cycling

January 16, 2018:  The MCAC is saddened by the sudden passing of Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey last night.  Jim was a strong supporter of our Community Rides, and it was clear to us when he joined us on rides in Lakeview and Port Credit that he was strongly dedicated to serving his community and proud to point out all the positive changes taking place on the Waterfront.  He was a champion for cycling as part of every new development in his Ward, and advocated for cycling safety as well.  This is a very significant loss for the entire City of Mississauga -- Jim was a visionary and a city-builder advocating for a liveable multi-modal future.

Photo at left:  Jim speaks to cyclists during the first Community Ride through Lakeview and Port Credit in June 2013.  Jim joined almost all the Ward 1 rides.  Click image to enlarge; more images on Facebook.

MEMORIAL RIDE:  MCAC is planning for a Jim Tovey Memorial Ride in Ward 1.  Updates will be posted here.

OBITUARY: "Following a private family service, a Celebration of Life will be announced at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please consider online donations to The Compass Food Bank" in Port Credit.

► See the Morphology Exhibit (March 22-28, 2018).


Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program (OMCC)

December 4, 2017 MTO announced: "Active transportation is a critical part of the transportation system, and across Ontario, 120 municipalities (list) from Essex County to Thunder Bay will receive funding from the province to build more bike lanes and other cycling infrastructure, or enhance existing infrastructure."  Mississauga is to receive $2,282,021 and the Region of Peel will receive $4,228,594.

The City of Mississauga's Active Transportation Office has received confirmation that all projects submitted during the application process are eligible for this funding.  Eligible projects approved by the Province can be funded up to 80% by the grant, with 20% minimum coming from City funds.  NOTE: There will be opportunities to revise the list and resubmit to the Province at regular intervals over the course of the 4-year program.

► A City staff report provided details on the program at GC on October 18, 2017 (AGENDA, Item 8.5, pp43-47).  Appendix A lists the cycling infrastructure projects submitted by the AT Office for funding consideration.

See also MTO webpage: Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program (Mississauga received $325,000).


Creating a Mississauga Cycling Network

A major part of the Mississauga Cycling Master Plan Update pertains to connecting (and therefore completing) the Cycling Network.  There are critical gaps in the potential network that need to be addressed in order to achieve a minimum grid.  Mississauga is a City of Barriers -- waterways, railways, highways and major arterials cross-sect our landscape (barrier MAP at left).

Until there are active transportation links built under or over these barriers, or along-side busy arterials, cyclists have limited options to traverse the City.  Going ~around~ is inefficient or impossible.

► View the 2017 Mississauga Cycling Map.

Our Community Rides series has been popular, but the name says it all -- most rides are limited to certain routes within individual communities year after year because there is no functional way to ride into adjacent neighbourhoods (composite community route MAP at left).

There are new places in the City we'd like to explore, e.g. Danville Park, which is virtually inaccessible by bike (we test-rode but wouldn't be able to conduct a Community Ride there); it can only be accessed by car.

DISPLAY BOARDS:  Did you miss Cycling Open House #2 on Nov. 28, 2017?
View the Display Boards and comment about the proposed network.


Ogden Pedestrian/Cycling Bridge Replacement Over QEW

December 2017:  The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has retained AECOM to undertake a Detail Design and Class Environmental Assessment Study for improvements to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) from east of Cawthra Road to The East Mall, including the Dixie Road interchange and replacement of the QEW Etobicoke Creek bridge.

► View the MTO's QEW Dixie Detail Design project website (includes all meeting Display Boards and updates).

► View the first PIC NOTICE (Dec. 18, 2018).  Further info under the 'Consultation' tab of the project website.  MCAC reps are participating.

ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION CONTEXT:  The Ogden Pedestrian-Cycling Bridge is a vital connection over the QEW and will be replaced (it has been rehabilitated in order to save it in the meantime).  The bridge re-design was discussed at the first PIC along with improvements to the Etobicoke Creek Trail at the QEW bridge.  MCAC is also advocating for cycling infrastructure at all the QEW interchanges in the project.


Credit River Active Transportation Crossings

Two Public Community Workshops will be held for the MTO's QEW Credit River Bridge project, re: the Detail Design of the QEW from west of Mississauga Road to west of Hurontario Street, including a discussion of the Active Transportation connections.  Sign up via MTO Contact Us.  The first Workshop took place on Dec. 11, 2017.  MCAC reps attended.

► View the MTO's QEW Credit River Bridge project website (includes all meeting Display Boards and updates).

► MCAC has added the AT Crossings (circled in red) to the MTO's Study Area MAP (click for original map).

ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION CONTEXT:  The City of Mississauga, in partnership with the Region of Peel, has identified the need for two new Active Transportation (AT) crossings near the QEW and Credit River, including a north-south AT crossing of the QEW at Stavebank Road.  There is also a need for an East-West AT crossing of the Credit River near the QEW.  The proposed crossings will be important to the connectivity of the City's planned AT network including significantly enhancing connections to the existing and planned trail network.

There was a City/Region Community Drop-In Meeting on December 1, 2016.  MCAC reps attended and advocated for pedestrian/cycling access across these barriers as soon as possible.

► View the City's Credit River Active Transportation Crossings project webpage (includes meeting Display Boards).


Cycling on the Mississauga Transitway?

November 14, 2017:  At the monthly meeting of MCAC, we requested that City staff review the question of allowing cyclists on the Mississauga Transitway (City's webpage).  We have also been receiving ongoing requests from cyclists about using this key East-West commuter route across the heart of Mississauga.  The infrastructure is there, and with a few protections (bollards, for instance) cyclists would use the paved shoulders as cycle tracks. 

► View Facebook ALBUM (80+ photos) of MCAC's Transitway test-ride (August 2015) prior to inclusion in the 8th annual Tour de Mississauga.

REMINDER:  Cycling is NOT currently permitted on the Transitway.


Parking Matters - Public Consultation

November 2017:  The City of Mississauga is conducting a citywide parking study called Parking Matters (website) to help make future decisions about parking across the City.  As the City continues to grow and evolve, community parking needs are changing.  All kinds of parking are being reviewed in the study including: on-street and off-street parking, as well as public and private parking, and bike parking.

► About the study, and how/when to provide comment: click here.


Lakeshore Connecting Communities - Public Consultation

September 2017 Lakeshore Connecting Communities (website) is about re-configuring the Lakeshore Road corridor to safely support all modes of transportation and connect Lakeview, Port Credit and Clarkson.

NEXT STEP: In Spring 2018, the preferred design solutions for the Lakeshore Corridor will be presented at Public Information Centres (dates to be posted here).  Cycling will be part of the reconfiguration.


Future of the Britannia Farm

PUBLIC CONSULTATION:  Final public meeting on the future of this 200-acre public asset in the heart of Mississauga was December 1, 2016.

Presently the Britannia Farm property is a cycling no-go.  A main topic of the new consultation concerned public access to the site.  MCAC is advocating for pedestrian/cycling trails through this site (map).

► Click for the Britannia Farm consultation webpage.