Riding Into Battle: Canadian Cyclists in the Great War

November 2018:  A Presentation by Ted Glenn at the next meeting of the Mississauga South Historical Society (MSHS) will take place on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 @ 7:00 pm at Lorne Park Branch Library, 1474 Truscott Road (map).

Hear the untold story of how Canadian Cyclists came into their own during the Hundred Days campaign of the Great War.  Canada’s Cyclists spent most of the First World War digging trenches, patrolling roads, and delivering dispatches.  But during the Hundred Days campaign at the end of the Great War, Canada’s cycling troops finally came into their own.

At Amiens, Cambrai, and especially the Pursuit from the Sensée, the Cyclists made pioneering contributions to the development of the Canadian Corps’s combined arms strategy and mobile warfare doctrine, all the while exhibiting the consummate professionalism the Corps became renowned for.

Meeting updates: MSHS website.

QEW - Credit River Bridge Project: PIC #2

November 2018:  NOTICE was received from the Project Team, QEW Credit River Bridge Detail Design (MTO) concerning the second Public Information Centre for the QEW Credit River Bridge project.

DATE:  Tues. November 13, 2018 @ 4:00-8:00 pm at Anapilis Halls, Hall B, 2185 Stavebank Rd (map).

► Click images to view further details contained on the 2-page NOTICE: Page 1 | Page 2.

This project involves the rehabilitation of the existing QEW and the existing Credit River Bridge, construction of a new westbound Credit River bridge, improvement to the QEW, and reconstruction of the Mississauga Road Interchange.

The Project Team is also working with the City of Mississauga to incorporate the City’s active transportation initiatives for crossings over the Credit River and the QEW at Stavebank Road.

This PIC provided the public and other interested stakeholders with an opportunity to review and discuss the study with members of the Project Team who presented the design, provided an overview of environmental mitigation measures and construction sequencing, and discussed next steps.

► Project information and the latest display boards (under 'Documents' tab) are now posted on MTO's QEW Credit River Bridge project website.

Reproduced (with permission) from the posting at: Town of Port Credit Association website.

MORE:  See the MCAC MTO webpage for more about the QEW and Credit River AT crossings.

Lakeview Village Development to Welcome Cyclists in Phase 1

October 2018:  Lakeview Community Partners Limited (LCPL) are developers of the new Lakeview Village (website), a mixed-use community on the former OPG site of the coal-fired Lakeview Generating Station.  There was considerable publicity when the 'Four Sisters' stacks were knocked down in June 2006.

At the latest LCPL Community Engagement Meeting (October 24, 2018) it was indicated that cycling access to the Lake Ontario shoreline and the former industrial coal pier (800m in length) will be provided during the first phase of the 245-acre construction plan.  ► View image (at left) for a conceptual view of the proposed trail access.

This and further information to be provided by: Town of Port Credit Association.

Burnhamthorpe Water Project - Disruption for Active Transportation

August 2018:  The Burnhamthorpe Water Project (BWP) began construction in the Mississauga City Centre in Fall 2017, and is now moving eastward along Burnhamthorpe Road where existing cycling infrastructure (Burnhamthorpe Trail) is severely impacted.

The BWP incorporates twelve kilometres of infrastructure, including a new 1500mm watermain under Burnhamthorpe Road from Grand Park Drive to Cawthra Road, together with the associated water and sewer improvements to accommodate significant planned development in the downtown.

This project connects to the Hanlan Water Project at the intersection of Burnhamthorpe Road and Cawthra Road.  Work in the Mississauga City Centre area will be completed by 2021.

The Burnhamthorpe Road watermain will be installed by tunnelling instead of open-cut to "minimise traffic disruption" along this long and busy corridor.  But what about pedestrians and cyclists?

SAFETY ISSUES:  MCAC has expressed concern about the safety of cycling detours (maps at left) and alternate pedestrian routes provided by the contractor in conjunction with the City of Mississauga and Region of Peel.  MCAC has latterly been asked for suggestions to address the safety issues we have raised.  We are proposing improvements, including *protected* on-road bike lanes to eliminate the need for unsafe detours.

► See images on the Facebook album.  Add your comments!

UPDATE:  (August 22, 2018) City AT staff person has now ridden the detour routes.  Details pending.

Cycle Alert (August 2018): Burnhamthorpe Trail, Confederation Pkwy to Central Pkwy (2p PDF).

Daily Commercial News (Feb 23, 2018) $200-million water project in Mississauga a chess game in planning.

MORE:  See the Burnhamthorpe Water Project website.

Mississauga Installs its First Signalized Crossride - Safety Concerns

August 2018:  A recent article in the Mississauga News featured the unveiling of Mississauga's (and Peel's) first signalized bicycle crossing.  MCAC reps attended the announcement (on their bikes) on July 31, 2018.  Image at left appears in the article.

Mississauga News article (August 8, 2018): Mississauga's first signalized crossride aims to make city's roads safe for cyclists.  Excerpt:  "Located on Britannia Road and Winston Churchill Blvd, the signals and road markings at the crossride aim to provide a safer crossing for cyclists transitioning from the multi-use trail on Winston Churchill to the one on Britannia Road."

SAFETY ISSUES:  MCAC citizen members have since experienced safety issues with the placement and operation of the signal, and witnessed drivers not seeing nor following the new signal, including three (3) occasions where drivers have not stopped at all and MCAC cyclists have had to dodge getting hit, including ditching their bike in the road.  It seems harder for car drivers at the intersection to see cyclists because the crossing is set so far back from it.  One solution would be to prohibit cars from turning right while the bike crossing lights are green.  Councillor Pat Saito (chair of the City's Road Safety Committee), and staff in the City's Active Transportation Division have been notified.

► See images and descriptions on the Facebook album of the intersection.  Add your comments!