City of Mississauga - Cycling-Related Projects

Mississauga Strategic Plan

Mississauga’s Strategic Plan: Our Future Mississauga envisions a city of vibrant, safe, and connected communities.  Cycling plays an important role in supporting this vision and realizing Strategic Plan goals.  The Strategic Plan states that Mississauga is committed to building a city that supports multi-modal transportation including cycling, walking, public transit and cars.

Lakeshore Connecting Communities

July 2018 Lakeshore Connecting Communities (website) is about re-configuring the Lakeshore Road corridor in south Mississauga to safely support all modes of transportation and connect the historic communities of Lakeview, Port Credit and Clarkson while preserving and enhancing each community’s unique character and sense of place.

RECOMMENDATIONS:  The preferred design solutions for the Lakeshore Corridor were presented at Public Information Centres in each community during July 2018 (POSTER).

The latest Display Boards are now published on the LCC website.

► City Press Release (June 28, 2018):  Lakeshore Connecting Communities July Open Houses, presenting:

• phased approach to rapid transit
• cycling and pedestrian network improvements
• conceptual design and public realm enhancements
• Credit River crossing recommendations

NEXT STEP:  Report to Council, January 2019.

Dundas Connects Master Plan - Corridor Vision Approved

June 2018:  The final DRAFT of the Dundas Connects Master Plan went to the Planning & Development Committee (PDC) of Mississauga Council on June 11, 2018It was approved.

► See the June 11 (1:30pm) PDC Agenda (Item 4.8) to view the Corporate Report and Master Plan as discussed.  Available on video archive.

MORE:  See the Dundas Connects website, and Master Plan (197p PDF).

Over the next 35 to 40 years the number of people who live, work, learn and travel along the Dundas Street corridor will increase.  To manage this growth, the City of Mississauga is developing a long-term, future-oriented Master Plan focusing on transit, land-use, and public space.

Left: Concept image.  Cycling infrastructure is a big part of the plan.  The entire Dundas Corridor is proposed to have a Cycle Track / Separated Bike Lane in the Cycling Master Plan Update Working Map - October 2017.

Parking Matters

November 2017:  The City of Mississauga is conducting a citywide parking study called Parking Matters (website) to help make future decisions about parking across the City.  As the City continues to grow and evolve, community parking needs are changing.  All kinds of parking are being reviewed in the study including: on-street and off-street parking, as well as public and private parking, and bike parking.

► About the study, and how/when to provide comment: click here.

Future Access to the Britannia Farm

FUTURE TRAILS?  The final public meeting (Poster) on the future of this 200-acre public asset in the heart of Mississauga was December 1, 2016.

Presently the Britannia Farm property is a cycling no-go.  A main topic of the new consultation concerned public access to the site.  MCAC is advocating for pedestrian/cycling trails through this site (map).

► Click for the Britannia Farm Master Plan Refresh webpage.

Healthy Development Assessment - Cycling Amenities are Core

April 2018:  These articles about health benefits of cycling have received recent attention:

Cycling keeps your immune system young, study finds (The Guardian: March 8, 2018)

How Exercise Can Keep Aging Muscles and Immune Systems ‘Young’ (NYT: March 14, 2018)

In 2016, the City of Mississauga, in partnership with Peel Public Health, developed the Healthy Development Assessment: User Guide (45p PDF; cover image at left) which includes specific checklists to assess the contribution of development to the health potential of Mississauga neighbourhoods.  Cities can be designed to be healthy, and safe cycling infrastructure and amenities can help accomplish this, especially as the population ages.  No surprise, Active Transportation, including Cycling Amenities, is a core piece of this assessment.

PILOT PROGRAM:  A two-year Pilot Program is being initiated.  The descriptive Report (including cycling elements) went to Planning & Development Committee (PDC) of Mississauga Council on April 9, 2018, and appears on the PDC Agenda (pp.111-115) (direct link).

MORE:  See the City's Health by Design webpage.