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See also: 2019 Cycling Budget - Funding Supports 27-year Network Rollout (Home Page article)

MCAC Budget Submission re 2019 Cycling Program

January 14, 2019:  MCAC has provided the City's Budget Committee with our written submission regarding the 2019 Cycling program and budget.  KEY MESSAGE: Focus on the Network.

The cycling program is embedded within the Roads Service Area of the proposed 2019-2022 Business Plan & 2019 Budget.

The Roads presentation at Budget Committee took place on January 21, 2019 - see Agenda.

Budget Committee meetings are video-archived (indexed by date).

► View the MCAC 2019 Budget Submission (2p PDF).  Click the images at left to view page 1 and page 2 separately.

► See the article below for further information and selected excerpts.

2019 City Budget - Cycling Funding to be Decided

January 2019:  The Roads presentation at Budget Committee took place on January 21, 2019 - see Agenda).  View the 2019 Roads Presentation (starts at p318 of the PDF).  View the City Budget webpage to access the complete 2019 Budget documents. 

The Budget is set to be approved at Council on February 6, 2019 -- City Press Release.

MCAC will be looking to see if the level of funding for cycling will be adequate to attain even the 27-year rollout (to 2046!) of 18 km/year of new cycling infrastructure (Scenario C) as approved by Council in June 2018, when the 2018 Cycling Master Plan Update (CMPU) was presented by staff without MCAC endorsement.

View MCAC's 2019 Budget Submission in the article above.

1) Annual Cycling Funding Scenarios chart (2018 CMPU) recommending Scenario C (p59 in 345p PDF source document).

2) The 2019 Cycling Capital Budget Detail chart per 2019-2022 Business Plan and Budget (p277 in 883p PDF source document).

3) The Cycling Master Plan Phased Implementation - Operating per Roads Service Area presentation (p350 in 391p PDF source document).

The first 2 charts include the reduced funding option for a 95-year cycling network roll-out (Scenario A, the current level of funding).  Click for enlargements.