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Phil Green Recognition Award

The Phil Green Recognition Award is presented annually (or less often) by the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee to a person or persons who have promoted or furthered cycling or other forms of sustainable transportation in the City of Mississauga over the preceding year through their efforts and actions.

Do you know someone who fosters Mississauga's growing cycling culture, or personally promotes active transportation?  View the Nomination Form, which includes guidelines for eligibility and describes the nomination and selection process.  You may fill it out and submit it online.

Nicole Hanson is the 2016 Phil Green Recognition Award Recipient

September 13, 2017:  The formal presentation of the 2016 Phil Green Recognition Award to Nicole N. Hanson was made at Mississauga Council (Agenda, Item 6.1) today.  Phil Green, the founding Chair of the MCAC in the early 1990's, attended the presentation to congratulate Nicole personally for winning his namesake award.

PRESS RELEASE (City of Mississauga - September 13, 2017):  Nicole Hanson wins Phil Green Recognition Award

Nicole was featured in the 2017 Bike Month Cyclist Profile Series which gives an overview in words and pictures of Nicole's story and her passion for active transportation, particularly cycling.  Her flowered bike is a standout and part of her story and advocacy!


July 20, 2017:  At the Cooksville Community Ride tonight, we were pleased to announce and introduce the Phil Green Recognition Award recipient for 2016.  Nicole Hanson is our recipient, and we were thrilled that Phil Green, the founding Chair of the MCAC in the early 1990's, was able to attend the ride to congratulate Nicole personally for winning his namesake award.  Nicole's nomination was approved by Mississauga Council on July 5, 2017.


Nicole's nomination form includes this excerpt, which begins to explain why she was nominated and selected:

"I am nominating Nicole Hanson for the Phil Green Recognition Award for her tireless effort in advocating for community planning equity.  Nicole is a trailblazer in the truest sense of the word; she is an innovator and an explorer.  Notably, Nicole travels on a one-of-a-kind bike bursting with plastic flowers from handlebars to rear fender. It's a deliberate see and be seen approach. And it makes everyone smile in the meantime.  Nicole and her bike philosophy are crucially important at this moment for a city as diverse and quickly growing as Mississauga.  Nicole's approach to cycling is maximum visual impact and community impact at minimal cost.  Cycling is fun, easy, and relatively accessible, but we don't have enough role models for the everyday cyclist. Getting more casual cyclists on the roads is the greatest return on cycling investment.  If we have more casual cyclists, the gears of a critical mass start moving. Nicole is undoubtedly the poster child we need now.  A flowered pedal-powered machine is not frivolous; it is her highly visible armour and conscious decision of being the change we want to see in Mississauga." -- Robert Ruggiero