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Ogden Pedestrian/Cycling Bridge Replacement Over QEW

December 2017:  The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has retained AECOM to undertake a Detail Design and Class Environmental Assessment Study for improvements to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) from east of Cawthra Road to The East Mall, including the Dixie Road interchange and replacement of the QEW Etobicoke Creek bridge.

► View the MTO's QEW Dixie Detail Design project website (includes all meeting Display Boards and updates).

► View the first PIC NOTICE (Dec. 18, 2018).  Further info under the 'Consultation' tab of the project websiteMCAC was represented.

ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION CONTEXT:  The Ogden Pedestrian-Cycling Bridge is a vital connection over the QEW and will be replaced (it has been rehabilitated in order to save it in the meantime).  The bridge re-design was discussed at the first PIC along with improvements to the Etobicoke Creek Trail at the QEW bridge.  MCAC is also advocating for cycling infrastructure at all the QEW interchanges in the project.

Credit River Active Transportation Crossings

December 2017:  Two Public Community Workshops will be held for the MTO's QEW Credit River Bridge project, re: the Detail Design of the QEW from west of Mississauga Road to west of Hurontario Street, including a discussion of the Active Transportation connections.  The first Workshop took place on December 11, 2017.  MCAC was represented.

► View the MTO's QEW Credit River Bridge project website (includes all meeting Display Boards and updates).

► MCAC has added the AT Crossings (circled in red) to the MTO's Study Area MAP (click for original map).

ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION CONTEXT:  The City of Mississauga, in partnership with the Region of Peel, has identified the need for two new Active Transportation (AT) crossings near the QEW and Credit River, including a north-south AT crossing of the QEW at Stavebank Road.  There is also a need for an East-West AT crossing of the Credit River near the QEW.  The proposed crossings will be important to the connectivity of the City's planned AT network including significantly enhancing connections to the existing and planned trail network.

There was a City/Region Community Drop-In Meeting on December 1, 2016MCAC was represented and advocated for pedestrian/cycling access across these barriers as soon as possible.

► View the City's Credit River Active Transportation Crossings project webpage (includes meeting Display Boards).

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