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Mississauga Cycling Master Plan - 2018 Update

July 2018:  The City of Mississauga launched Does Cycling Move You? (website) in May 2017 to Update the 2010 Mississauga Cycling Master Plan.

The Draft 2018 Cycling Master Plan was approved at General Committee on June 27, 2018: City Press Release.  Formal Council approval was given on July 4, 2018.

Mississauga hasn’t met the targets in the 2010 Cycling Master Plan, which committed to an annual increase in cycling infrastructure of 30 km/year for 20 years.  From 2010 to 2016 (7 years), 80 km of cycling infrastructure in total was constructed in Mississauga, including 12 km of sharrows which MCAC does not regard as infrastructure.  Little was built in 2017.  The target number for 2018 is only 9.5 km.  The 2018 CMP update includes an additional 27-year rollout of 18 km/year (new infrastructure) to 2046.

** NO ENDORSEMENT **  Resolution MCAC-0022-2018, as reported in the GC Agenda (June 27, 2018; Item 10.2): 'That the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee does not support the 2018 Cycling Master Plan'.  This was discussed and voted per the MCAC Agenda (June 12, 2018; Item 7.1).  We explicitly did NOT endorse the 2018 Cycling Master Plan Update (CMPU) for a great number of reasons, including:

It is at best a 27-year rollout to complete the cycling network, which has already fallen way behind, and the case made for funding even that was weak.  Note that the 95-year funding scenario (present level) is still in the 2019 Budget documents – imagine a 95-year network plan issued in 1905!

It is a Plan to have a Plan – without priorities – we were told infrastructure priorities would be set later.  We want the most dangerous situations fixed first, and the network gaps connected where needed most.

It puts the focus on cycling for fitness and recreation over transportation, and does not urgently align with solving the City’s mobility crisis.

See the GC Agenda (June 27, 2018; Item 8.8) to view the 10-page Corporate Staff Report and the 80-page 2018 Cycling Master Plan presented by the City's Transportation & Works staff (approved by Council).