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Cycling Infrastructure: Building Priority *Gap-Busters* vs. Waiting for Opportunities

March 2019 (updated):  MCAC began reviewing cycling infrastructure priorities at our February 5th meeting.  The MCAC Agenda (61p PDF) included: Item 7.1. 'Proposed 5 Year Cycling Implementation Plan', listing all the possible projects and their estimated cost.

► Mississauga is a City of Barriers -- waterways, railways, highways and major arterials crisscross our landscape, per the Barriers MAP (at left) depicting major barriers in black to highlight the magnitude.

COMMENTS RECEIVED!  Thank you for the suggestions about priority cycling network gap-busters on our Facebook posting.  MCAC proposed a Priorities Plan at our monthly meeting: March 5, 2019See Agenda with Attachments (19p PDF).  AT Staff will provide a MEMO of the outcomes (to be posted here).

See: MCAC Cycling Infrastructure webpage.

Signalized Crossrides *Closed* - Bike Signals Bagged, pending Safety Review

March 2019 (updated):  The City's Transportation staff moved quickly to deactivate and bag the bike signals at all Signalized Crossrides (safety concerns) in Mississauga, as directed by Council (GC) on January 16, 2019.

REGION OF PEEL:  See images and descriptions (concerns) on the MCAC Facebook album for the first signalized crossride (August 2018) near the intersection of Britannia Road and Winston Churchill Blvd, which was installed by the Region of Peel.  This crossride has also been bagged.

MCAC MOTION: (MCAC-0004-2019) Amended and approved per the General Committee of Council Agenda (January 16, 2019) - Item 9.1: MCAC Report 1 and subsequently at Council (January 23, 2019):

GC-0027-2019 (1p PDF)
1. That all newly installed crossrides be deactivated immediately due to safety concerns raised by the MCAC.
2. That City Staff report back on how the crossrides were implemented and the studies & standards that were established for the crossrides, including Region of Peel.
3. That the matter be referred to the Road Safety Committee.
4. That the recommendation be forwarded to the Region of Peel for their consideration to deactivate the crossride at Winston Churchill Blvd and Britannia Road.

An MCAC audit ride was conducted to confirm the closure of the crossrides.  See photos of closed crossrides at: Rathburn and Perivale; Burnhamthorpe and Bough Beeches; Burnhamthorpe and Ponytrail (also shown above) which exemplify some of the infrastructure issues.

MCAC REVIEW:  The Staff Safety Plan has been drafted; appended to the Agenda for our monthly meeting: March 5, 2019See Agenda with Attachments (19p PDF).  AT Staff will provide a MEMO of the outcomes (to be posted here).

Port Credit Slow Roll - Biweekly Rides are BACK!

March 2019:  A Slow Roll riding group sprouted in Port Credit last summer and it's back for 2019!  Slow Roll is a global movement founded in 2010 as Slow Roll Detroit in Michigan, USA.

Rides depart at 7:00 pm during the Spring and Summer from the parking lot at J.C. Saddington Park at 53 Lake Street (map) in Port Credit.  The FREE rides average 10km.  Bike lights are a necessity for riding at dusk.

SCHEDULE:  See the Facebook Page (link below) for any updates to the 2019 Schedule.  The first ride is Thursday, April 25, 2019.

From the Organizers:  Slow Roll is for everyone: all ages, skill levels and types of bikes are welcome.  The slow pace keeps the group safe and gives riders a unique perspective of sights along the route.

SPONSORSHIP:  See Berts Sports for the latest information about their support of the Port Credit Slow Roll series.

E-MAIL:  Ray at pcslowroll@gmail.com for information about the 2019 program.  Join the Facebook Group.

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MCAC Cycling Safety Update to the Road Safety Committee

February 5, 2019:  Four (4) representatives from MCAC (including our Chair) attended February meeting of the Mississauga Road Safety Committee (RSC).  The RSC had not met since June 2018 due to the municipal election campaign period.  MCAC sought to inform the RSC members of the significant number of safety-related cycling issues raised by MCAC which have remained unresolved over the past several months.

The RSC Agenda (41p PDF) contained cycling safety concerns including Crossrides and the BWP cycling detours, addressed per...

Presentation to RSC: MCAC Cycling Safety Update (Feb 5, 2019): Leonard Verwey, MCAC citizen member & RSC liaison (34p PDF)

 CYCLING SAFETY ISSUES (supported by photographs in the visual presentation) include:

- physical configuration, obstructions, and operational concerns of cycling Crossrides
- unsafe downtown cycling detours for the two-year Burnhamthorpe Water Project
- myriad obstacles and unsafe conditions on multi-use trails (MUTs)
- poor maintenance of bike lanes, and concerns on high-speed roads
- parking of vehicles in designated bike lanes
- obstruction caused by the decorative black bollards at intersections on the Burnhamthorpe Trail  (NOTE: these will now be removed)
- ploughing of snow into bike lanes, and no snow-ploughing on some MUTs (even adjacent to ploughed sidewalks)

UPDATE (Feb. 14, 2019): Leonard Verwey's MCAC Update Presentation was circulated to Mayor and Council to keep them apprised of current cycling safety concerns.

In addition, an MCAC member presented his personal experience and thoughts to the RSC regarding implementation of the Crossrides:

Presentation to RSC: Crossride Safety (Feb 5, 2019): Glenn Voakes, MCAC citizen member (6p PDF)

Future Cycling Advocacy Group in Mississauga

November 30, 2018:  After the current MCAC term is completed in early 2019, some citizen members are planning to continue their interest in promoting a safe cycling network in Mississauga by helping to form an independent, not-for-profit advocacy group.

The City has encouraged formation of a 'third party' cycling advocacy group for some time, to take on initiatives beyond the scope and mandate of MCAC.

All residents who ride bicycles in Mississauga are invited to be part of this first step in the process, either by volunteering for the initial Steering Committee (which would develop the mission and operating structure of the new advocacy group), or by attending the first General Meeting (2019 date TBA) which will formally constitute the group.  At that time volunteers will be nominated to carry out specified tasks so the group may function for the first year.  Please stay tuned!