Citizen volunteers advising City Council on cycling issues

Councillor Jim Tovey - Remembered as a Cycling Champion

January 16, 2018:  The MCAC is saddened by the sudden passing of Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey last night.  Jim was a strong supporter of our Community Rides, and it was clear to us when he joined us on rides in Lakeview and Port Credit that he was strongly dedicated to serving his community and proud to point out all the positive changes taking place on the Waterfront.  He was a champion for cycling as part of every new development in his Ward, and advocated for safety as well.  This is a very significant loss for the entire City of Mississauga -- Jim was a visionary and a city builder advocating for a liveable future.  We will work hard to honour this legacy.


Snow Plowing of Mississauga's Cycling Infrastructure

January 2018:  It has been a snowy winter so far and cyclists (including MCAC citizen members) have been reporting difficulty getting around; not because of the cold, but because snow plowing of cycling infrastructure has been incomplete, and unpredictable as well because comprehensive standards have not been published by the City.  It is difficult to plan a trip by bicycle under these conditions.  There is concern about bike lanes being treated as shoulders and holding snow or slushy debris pushed off the car lanes and we have received photographic evidence of this from riders.

Photo at left:  South Millway showing blocked bike lane used for snow storage (January 10, 2018)

MCAC has recommended that standards for plowing and maintaining cycling infrastructure during the winter months be published explicitly on the City's Mississauga Snow website and that service be extended to all connecting parts of the cycling network, including Multi-Use Trails (MUTs), some of which are not currently plowed (e.g. the Burnhamthorpe Trail, a key East-West connector).  When a plowed trail crosses a road, the windrows created when the intersecting road and sidewalk are plowed need to be removed so they are not a barrier, as is happening now (e.g. along the Glen Erin Trail).  This is not just a convenience issue but a safety issue.

► View the City of Mississauga's currently published Winter Maintenance Service Standards for roads and sidewalks as well as bus stops and pedestrian crossings, as illustrated by the graphic (at left; click image to enlarge).  MCAC is developing a new graphic to incorporate plowing of cycling infrastructure until the City provides one.

NOTE:  City staff (Transportation & Works) has provided the following statement regarding the current standard, which requires greater clarity and will be reviewed shortly by Council (square brackets are MCAC's):

"On-road bicycle lanes, as part of the road right of way, [may] receive the same level of service as the rest of the road.  Multi-use trails within the road right of way are generally treated as priority sidewalks and are shown as such in the City’s winter maintenance priority sidewalk maps."  Plowing within the parks varies (this comes under Community Services).

Please call 3-1-1 if you come across any cycling infrastructure which requires snow-clearing.


Mississauga Moves - Transportation Plan to 2041

November 2017:  The City of Mississauga is developing a first-ever Transportation Master Plan that will shape our transportation system and how we move from today to 2041.  This is our chance to plan together for the future of travel on our roads, sidewalks, trails and transit.  See Mississauga Moves (website) to learn more about the consultative process, and how you can provide comment! 

Take the ONLINE SURVEY.  NOTE: This is an opportunity to advocate for safe cycling infrastructure, to enable balanced transportation options to keep the City moving even with anticipated population growth.


Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program (OMCC): Announcement

December 4, 2017:  MTO announced: "Active transportation is a critical part of the transportation system, and across Ontario, 120 municipalities from Essex County to Thunder Bay will receive funding from the province to build more bike lanes and other cycling infrastructure, or enhance existing infrastructure.  The province is investing $93 million this year, more than doubling the initial $42.5 million announced earlier this year."  Mississauga is to receive $2,282,021 and the Region of Peel will receive $4,228,594.

The City of Mississauga's Active Transportation Office has received confirmation that all projects submitted during the application process are eligible for this funding.  Eligible projects approved by the Province can be funded up to 80% by the grant, with 20% minimum coming from City funds.  NOTE: There will be opportunities to revise the list and resubmit to the Province at regular intervals over the course of the 4-year program.

► A City corporate report which provided details on the program was brought to General Committee on October 18, 2017 (AGENDA, Item 8.5, pp43-47).  The report included a listing (Appendix A) of the cycling infrastructure projects submitted by the AT Office for consideration.

► News Release (Dec. 4, 2017): Major New Investment to Make Cycling Safer and More Convenient

► Backgrounder (Dec. 4, 2017): Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program (OMCC) Recipients


Openings for Citizen Members on MCAC

December 2017:  ATTENTION CYCLISTS!  We currently have one (1) immediate opening for a Citizen Member.  Are you interested in volunteering on the MCAC?  You must be a Mississauga resident and a Canadian citizen.

► Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.  ► See our About webpage.

► View our Presentation to Mississauga Council (December 2016) for additional details about our activities.

► Click for the City's Citizen Appointments webpage for more information and a link to the online application form.  Note that many City Committees may be advertising at the same time.

NOTE: Despite any posted deadline or date on the form, applications are accepted at any time.


Does Cycling Move You? Cycling Master Plan Update

May 2017:  The City of Mississauga has launched Does Cycling Move You? (website).  This project updates the City’s 2010 Cycling Master Plan.  Mississauga’s Strategic Plan envisions a city of vibrant, safe, and connected communities.  Cycling plays an important role in supporting this vision and realizing Strategic Plan goals.  Mississauga is committed to building a city that supports all kinds of different ways to travel including cycling, walking, public transit and cars.

DISPLAY BOARDS:  Did you miss Open House #2 on November 28, 2017?
View the Display Boards and comment about the proposed network.

► More about the DRAFT Cycling Network Plan (below).

► Does cycling move you? Please visit and let us know.  Register on our site to share your ideas about the future of cycling in Mississauga and learn how you can get involved.

► Click POSTER image for enlargement.

► For background see the MCAC Cycling Master Plan webpage.

NOW article: Watch out Toronto, Mississauga is passing you in the bike lane  (July 13, 2017).  Excerpt:  "Mississauga is in the midst of gathering public input to update its bike plan. Guess what?  The public really want bike lanes. Not just white lines on the pavement kind of bike lanes. The city is talking about separated bike lanes on major arterials: Dundas, which is currently in the midst of a major corridor study, Burnhamthorpe and on Hurontario, where cycling is proposed as part of the LRT plan.  The idea is not only to connect Mississauga’s neighbourhoods and historic village centres, but to make it possible for anyone and everyone to bike safely."


Community Rides T-Shirts

November 2017:  Thanks to our Community Rides sponsor, Toronto Pearson, we have been able to produce a souvenir T-shirt for all the communities we have toured in Mississauga (the list is on the back).  The 25 bicycles on the front (in Toronto Pearson logo colours*) represent the 24 rides plus the Tour de Mississauga which were conducted in 2017.

*NOTE:  Colours are not exactly as shown; image is based on a proof which doesn't quite reflect the red, green and turquoise shades used.

HOW TO GET YOUR T-SHIRTS:  MCAC reps will provide another opportunity for pick-up of the FREE T-shirts by our Community Riders in the New Year 2018, in the Great Hall at Mississauga City Hall.  You can pick-up for other Community Riders as well.  Get FREEBIES too!  Here's how the T-shirts look (photo from first pickup at the Cycling Open House in November).  FIRST DIBS: If you attended at least five (5) rides in 2016 or 2017, you have first dibs on a T-shirt in your size.  SIZES: unisex adult S - XXL.  You can reserve your shirt via our Contact webpage.  Otherwise, the T-shirts are first come, first serve -- we have quite a few!


Creating a Mississauga Cycling Network

A major part of the Mississauga Cycling Master Plan Update pertains to connecting (and therefore completing) the Cycling Network.  There are critical gaps in the potential network that need to be addressed.  Mississauga is a City of Barriers -- waterways, railways, highways and major arterials cross-sect our landscape (barrier MAP at left).

Until there are active transportation links built under or over these barriers, or along-side busy arterials, cyclists have limited options to traverse the City.  Going ~around~ is inefficient or impossible.

► View the 2017 Mississauga Cycling Map.

Our Community Rides series has been popular, but the name says it all -- most rides are limited to certain routes within individual communities year after year because there is no functional way to ride into adjacent neighbourhoods (composite community route MAP at left).

There are new places in the City we'd like to explore, e.g. Danville Park, which is virtually inaccessible by bike (we test-rode but wouldn't be able to conduct a Community Ride there); it can only be accessed by car.

DISPLAY BOARDS:  Did you miss Cycling Open House #2 on Nov. 28, 2017?
View the Display Boards and comment about the proposed network.


QEW - Ogden Pedestrian-Cycling Bridge Replacement

MTO PUBLIC INFORMATION CENTRE (PIC):  Monday, December 18, 2017 @ 4-8 pm at Le Tréport Convention Centre, 1075 Queensway East (map) in Mississauga.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has retained AECOM to undertake a Detail Design and Class Environmental Assessment Study for improvements to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) from east of Cawthra Road to The East Mall, including the Dixie Road interchange and replacement of the QEW Etobicoke Creek bridge.

► View the MTO's *new* QEW Dixie Detail Design project website (will include all meeting Display Boards and updates).

► Click image at left to view the first PIC NOTICE.  Further information under the 'Consultation' tab of the project website.

ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION CONTEXT:  The Ogden Pedestrian-Cycling Bridge is a vital connection over the QEW and will be replaced (it has been rehabilitated in order to save it in the meantime).  The bridge re-design will be discussed at the PIC along with improvements to the Etobicoke Creek Trail at the QEW bridge.  MCAC is also advocating for cycling infrastructure at all the QEW interchanges in the project.

MCAC reps will be in attendance at this first PIC.


Credit River Active Transportation Crossings

MTO PUBLIC WORKSHOP:  Monday, December 11, 2017 @ 6-9 pm.

Two Public Community Workshops will be held for the MTO's QEW Credit River Bridge project, re: the Detail Design of the QEW from west of Mississauga Road to west of Hurontario Street, including a discussion of the Active Transportation connections.  Sign up via MTO Contact Us.

NOTE: All who wish to participate in the community workshops are welcome.  Pre-registration is requested to ensure that all can be accommodated (e.g. may run concurrent sessions).  MCAC will have reps at the first Workshop on December 11, 2017.

► View the MTO's QEW Credit River Bridge project website (includes all meeting Display Boards and updates).

► MCAC has added the AT Crossings (circled in red) to the MTO's Study Area MAP (click for original map).

ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION CONTEXT:  The City of Mississauga, in partnership with the Region of Peel, has identified the need for two new Active Transportation (AT) crossings near the QEW and Credit River, including a north-south AT crossing of the QEW at Stavebank Road.  There is also a need for an East-West AT crossing of the Credit River near the QEW.  The proposed crossings will be important to the connectivity of the City's planned AT network including significantly enhancing connections to the existing and planned trail network.

There was a City/Region Community Drop-In Meeting on December 1, 2016.  MCAC reps attended and advocated for pedestrian/cycling access across these barriers as soon as possible.

► View the City's Credit River Active Transportation Crossings project webpage (includes meeting Display Boards).


Cycling on the Mississauga Transitway?

November 14, 2017:  At the November monthly meeting of MCAC, we requested that City staff review the question of allowing cyclists on the Mississauga Transitway (City's webpage).  We have also been receiving ongoing requests from cyclists about using this key East-West commuter route across the heart of Mississauga.  The infrastructure is there, and with a few protections (bollards, for instance) cyclists want to use the paved shoulders as cycle tracks. 

BACKGROUND:  The City approved MCAC's use of the Mississauga Transitway (shown left) for the 2015 Tour de Mississauga rides (the last Tour organized by MCAC).  All five (5) Routes: 120km, 100km, 60km, 30km, and 15km included the length of the Transitway which had been completed so far.  There were NO buses on the route during the Tour and 3,800 cyclists enjoyed the smooth, safe course as they viewed the new stations and public art along the route.

REMINDER:  Cycling is NOT currently permitted on the Mississauga Transitway.

► View Facebook PHOTO ALBUM (80+ photos) of MCAC test-ride on the Transitway (August 23, 2015). 


Parking Matters - Public Consultation

November 2017:  The City of Mississauga is conducting a citywide parking study called Parking Matters (website) to help make future decisions about parking across the City.  As the City continues to grow and evolve, community parking needs are changing.  All kinds of parking are being reviewed in the study including: on-street and off-street parking, as well as public and private parking, and bike parking.  They are all an important part of our transportation system. To learn more about the study, and how you can provide comment, click here!

Take the ONLINE SURVEY.  NOTE:  Cyclists may wish to comment on how street parking impacts their use of the roadway!


Hurontario LRT - Cycling Infrastructure

November 14, 2017 - MCAC received an update on the Hurontario LRT project, specifically in regard to the planned cycle track which will run the full length of the LRT corridor.  Completion is expected at the end of 2022.  Bike parking and taking bikes on the LRVs (the 48m-long LRT vehicles) are some of the other cycling amenities being discussed with Metrolinx even as the proponent to build the LRT has yet to be selected (to be announced Spring 2018).  Construction will begin in late 2018.

► Image (at left) is a concept depictionThe cycle track will be raised above street level; the chosen proponent will present the final design.

► View the PRESENTATION (19p PDF)    ► See the MCAC LRT webpage for background and updates.


Dundas Connects - Corridor Visioning

November 9, 2017:  UPDATE - "Given that our work will shape Dundas Street for decades to come, it’s important to make sure that the Master Plan is as careful, precise and well-grounded as it can possibly be. Accordingly, we now expect to present the final Master Plan to PDC [Mississauga Council's Planning & Development Committee] in early 2018.  We will notify you when a PDC date has been formally scheduled and commit to sharing the Master Plan with you in advance of the meeting.  We encourage you to attend the PDC meeting and share any final thoughts you have on the Master Plan."

RATIONALE:  Dundas Street is changing.  Over the next 35 to 40 years the number of people who live, work, learn and travel along the corridor is expected to increase.  To manage this growth, the City of Mississauga is developing a long-term, future-oriented Master Plan for the Dundas Corridor.  The plan will shape the future look and feel of Dundas, focusing on transit, land-use, and public space.  Cycling is a big part of the planConcept image at left.

Dundas Connects website (includes meeting materials under Resources).  Final public meeting was April 12, 2017. 


Lakeshore Connecting Communities - Public Consultation

September 2017 Lakeshore Connecting Communities (website) is about planning for the future of Lakeshore Road.  This Master Plan study will look at how to best connect the communities of Clarkson, Port Credit and Lakeview while preserving and enhancing the unique character and sense of place of each community.  The study will build on recent planning studies to develop a design for the Lakeshore Road corridor from building face to building face that supports all modes of transportation, connects people to places, and moves goods to market. 

NOTE: This is an opportunity to advocate for safe cycling infrastructure on the E-W Lakeshore Road artery!

NEXT STEP: In Spring 2018, the preferred design solutions for the Lakeshore Corridor will be presented at Public Information Centres (dates will be posted here).

► Results / Display Boards of public consultations in September 2017 (Open Houses in Port Credit, Lakeview and Clarkson) appear under the 'Study Materials' tab.


Mississauga Bike Challenge - #Canada150 Goal

UPDATE: September 19, 2017 -- We've ALL earned 1360 trees!  Thanks to 590 residents who logged their kilometres!  We've far exceeded expectations for this first Bike Challenge, and the City has matched ALL *additional* kms we rode with even more trees (one for every 150km)!

BACKGROUND:  The City's Active Transportation Office launched the Mississauga Bike Challenge for residents, employees and visitors to collectively cycle 150,000 kilometres between June 29 and September 17, 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by creating a commemorative green legacy to enhance the City's tree canopy.

THE CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED.  Participating is free, easy and fun. Residents can sign up at, ride their bicycles and log their kilometres to help reach the collective goal.  No matter how few kms you ride, it all adds up -- you won't be identified; it's all about collective action!  The Parks Dept. will acquire 1000 trees, additional to planned City plantings for 2017 -- let's earn them!  Participants being invited to special tree planting events in Fall 2017 (Saturday, October 14, 2017 @ 10:00 am in Malton) and Spring 2018.


Phil Green Recognition Award - Presentation to Nicole Hanson

September 13, 2017:  The formal presentation of the 2016 Phil Green Recognition Award to Nicole N. Hanson was made at Mississauga Council (Agenda, Item 6.1) today.  Phil Green, the founding Chair of the MCAC in the early 1990's, attended the presentation to congratulate Nicole personally for winning his namesake award (photos pending).

Photo: Nicole Hanson with her Award (click image for enlargement)

► PRESENTING NICOLE HANSON: View the MCAC Council Presentation (11-slide PDF) highlighting Nicole's background and advocacy, in photos and the words of her enthusiastic nominators!

► PRESS RELEASE (City of Mississauga - September 13, 2017):  Nicole Hanson wins Phil Green Recognition Award

LETTER OF RESPONSE: View Nicole Hanson's inspiring words (Letter, Sept. 30, 2017) in response to receiving the Phil Green Recognition Award from MCAC.

► See the Phil Green Award webpage with information about nominating someone for the Award, and more about Nicole Hanson and past recipients.


Mississauga Cycling Survey

May 2017:  The 2017 update to the City's Cycling Master Plan has begun.  The recent online Survey was re-opened as part of the Does Cycling Move You? project to help understand why you cycle or don’t cycle, and what would encourage you to start cycling or cycle more often.  Individual responses are confidential.  The results will be used for the city's Cycling Master Plan update that will guide cycling projects and programs until 2022.  Over 2500 responses received!

► The Cycling SURVEY is now closed -- see results on November 28!


*NEW* 2017 Mississauga Cycling Map

June 2017:  Hard copies of the new 2017 Mississauga Cycling Map are being distributed to all Mississauga Community Centres and Mississauga Bike Shops.  MCAC will be handing out the FREE maps at our Community Rides.

The printed map images of the cycling routes are larger, with north and south Mississauga being split between the two sides as shown in the small images below (the previous version had the entire city on one side).  The online digital version of the new map (on the City's website) will allow several dynamic viewing options.  For now, we have posted the 2p PDF version on the MCAC website.  NOTE:  The file may take time to download for viewing.

 ► View the *NEW* 2017 Mississauga Cycling Map (2p PDF) from our Maps & Handbooks webpage.  The images below are only to indicate the new map format and are not for use.


Peel Police Launch Bike Registry

April 2017:  Peel Regional Police now offer a bicycle registration program online.  By registering your bicycle with Police, your chances of having your bicycle returned to you are greatly increased if it is lost or stolen.  Only registrants with an address within the area serviced by Peel Regional Police will be accepted.

At left is an image of the optional bike registry sticker decal you can receive (by mail) to put on your bike.

► View the PRP Bike Registry webpage.

► The webpage also links to Bicycle Theft Prevention and Cyclist Safety Tips.


2017 - Bicycle Bicentennial and Year of the Bicycle

The bicycle is 200 years old in June 2017!  MCAC will be recognizing this wonderful milestone during 2017, designated the Year of the Bicycle.

► On June 10, 2017, our Streetsville Community Ride will tour Old Meadowvale Village, first settled 198-years ago (and Meadowvale Miniature Village -- see video) to experience heritage from the period.

► Fascinating BLOG (March 23, 2017) about the History of the Bicycle: "From Hobby Horse to Wine Touring, We Retrace 200 Years of Bicycle History" (Backroads)

► Learn how World Bicycle Relief is celebrating this 200th anniversary.


*NEW* The Peel Region Cyclists Handbook

April 2017:  The Peel Region Cyclists Handbook (webpage) will teach you about your bicycle, our traffic laws, and safe cycling habits. When you ride your bike, always remember to use your best judgement, take your time and have fun!

If you are interested in having a copy of the Peel Region Cyclists Handbook sent to you by mail, please contact us at

► View Peel Region Cyclists Handbook 1st Edition (16p PDF)


MCAC Update to Mississauga Council

December 14, 2016:  MCAC made a presentation to Mississauga Council with the theme 'Supporting Cycling Culture in Mississauga.'  Cycling culture is becoming more evident in the City and we need to ensure it grows! 

MCAC has a three-pronged approach which includes:
    1. Grow Ridership  (our Community Rides are an example)
    2. Promote Safety  (we are promoting Vision Zero)
    3. Install Minimum Grid  (safe, connected infrastucture)

► How are we doing?  View the MCAC PRESENTATION (24 slides)



Future of the Britannia Farm

PUBLIC CONSULTATION:  The final public meeting on the future of this 200-acre public asset in the heart of Mississauga took place on December 1, 2016.

Presently the Britannia Farm property is a cycling no-go.  A main topic of the new consultation taking place concerns public access to the site.  MCAC is advocating for pedestrian/cycling trails to open up the site, which is presently a hidden gem.

► Click for the Britannia Farm consultation webpage (includes meeting updates).






VISION ZERO:  See our Vision Zero & Road Safety webpage regarding MCAC advocacy

Hurontario LRT in Mississauga