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MCAC Communications Update & January Meeting

December 17, 2018:  MCAC is still maintaining this website and our social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook).  Discussion of future control of these MCAC communications platforms is now finally and rightfully placed on the Agenda for the next scheduled MCAC meeting on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 @ 6:30 pm at City Hall (2nd Floor).  This is a public meeting and all are welcome to attend.

A link to the next MCAC Agenda will be posted here, once it is published (December 21, earliest), and further details about the January meeting will be provided.

Since applications to serve as citizen members for the next term of the MCAC are being received until January 4, 2019, the current members remain seated.  In the interests of the next MCAC, we wish to ensure that due process is followed for decisions which will affect the new members, and we will advocate for their continued independent advisory role as outlined in the MCAC Terms of Reference.

Letter to Mayor & Council from the MCAC Chair

December 16, 2018:  MCAC Chair Donnie Morris has written a Letter to the Mayor and Council via email (image at left), inviting them to the next MCAC meeting (Tuesday, January 8, 2019) to hear our concerns.  MCAC Vice-Chair Irwin Nayer endorsed the letter and echoed its content which states:

MCAC members are disappointed in the interactions they have had with City staff over the last four years.  Our mandated role is to provide advice, but after four years it has become increasingly apparent that City staff and Council neither want nor seek our advice.

We have many outstanding safety concerns which have arisen (and which we have documented) during the seven (7) months we have not been officially scheduled to meet.  An urgent concern is the installation, format, operation and promotion of the new Crossrides at some traffic intersections.

The Letter also references the Council meeting of December 12, 2018 during the appointment of Councillors to various Council committees (Agenda item 14.2.2).  The video of the Council meeting is posted at mississauga.ca/videos (indexed by date).  Discussion of Councillor appointments to MCAC begins at 3:28:40 in the video, including disparaging remarks cited in the Letter.

We are pleased that MCAC's founding chair (25 years ago), Phil Green, will be providing historical perspective and insight at our January 8 meeting in light of our mutual concerns.

Maintenance of the MCAC Website

November 30, 2018:  MCAC was informed (in August) by the City Clerk's Office that our website will be maintained by staff in the Active Transportation Division (rather than by our own citizen members) as of December 1, 2018.  In preparation, we have streamlined this website to only provide information about MCAC decisions and activities from the past term.

UPDATE:  This matter is now on the Agenda for the next scheduled MCAC meeting on January 8, 2019.

Future Cycling Advocacy Group in Mississauga

November 30, 2018:  After the current MCAC term is completed in early 2019, some citizen members are planning to continue their interest in promoting a safe cycling network in Mississauga by helping to form an independent, not-for-profit advocacy group.

The City has encouraged formation of a 'third party' cycling advocacy group for some time, to take on initiatives beyond the scope and mandate of MCAC.

All residents who ride bicycles in Mississauga are invited to be part of this first step in the process, either by volunteering for the initial Steering Committee (which would develop the mission and operating structure of the new advocacy group), or by attending the first General Meeting (2019 date TBA) which will formally constitute the group.  At that time volunteers will be nominated to carry out specified tasks so the group may function for the first year.  Please stay tuned!