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Burnhamthorpe Water Project - Disruption for Active Transportation

August 2018:  The Burnhamthorpe Water Project (BWP) began construction in the Mississauga City Centre in Fall 2017, and is now moving eastward along Burnhamthorpe Road where existing cycling infrastructure (Burnhamthorpe Trail) is severely impacted.

The BWP incorporates twelve kilometres of infrastructure, including a new 1500mm watermain under Burnhamthorpe Road from Grand Park Drive to Cawthra Road, together with the associated water and sewer improvements to accommodate significant planned development in the downtown.

This project connects to the Hanlan Water Project at the intersection of Burnhamthorpe Road and Cawthra Road.  Work in the Mississauga City Centre area will be completed by 2020.

The Burnhamthorpe Road watermain will be installed by tunnelling instead of open-cut to "minimise traffic disruption" along this long and busy corridor.  But what about pedestrians and cyclists?  See Facebook album (pending).

MCAC has expressed concern about the safety of cycling detours (maps at left) and alternate pedestrian routes provided by the contractor in conjunction with the City of Mississauga and Region of Peel.  MCAC has now been asked for suggestions to address these issues and we are collaborating on active transportation improvements.

Cycle Alert (August 2018): Burnhamthorpe Trail, Confederation Parkway to Central Parkway (2p PDF).

Daily Commercial News (Feb 23, 2018) $200-million water project in Mississauga a chess game in planning.

MORE:  See Burnhamthorpe Water Project website.

Riding Bicycles on the Sidewalk - An Issue in Mississauga

August 2018:  An article in the Mississauga News (also published in the Toronto Star) has highlighted a long-simmering issue in Mississauga, that of sidewalk-ridingImage at left appears in the article.

Mississauga News article (August 1, 2018): Mississauga residents concerned with cyclists packing sidewalks — but are unsafe roads driving them up there?  Excerpt: Residents in Mississauga are becoming increasingly frustrated with an old problem — cyclists on sidewalks, but a member of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee says the fault is not entirely on the cyclists themselves but rather on the lack — or nonexistent in Mississauga’s case — of protected bike lanes available for safe cycling on main roads. ... compared to other jurisdictions "we are lagging behind".

► A discussion is taking place on our Facebook posting.  See the comments and add your own!

Implementation of the 2018 Cycling Master Plan (not endorsed by MCAC) will take 27 years with the proposed annual funding level, still to be approved for the 2019 City Budget and subject to annual continuation by future Councils.  Three decades is a long time to wait for a completed cycling network, especially since it is dependent on opportunity (i.e. other scheduled road work) rather than priority-driven.  The 2010 Cycling Master Plan did not deliver anywhere near the planned 30 km a year of cycling infrastructure (chart pending).  The issue of sidewalk-riding will not go away any time soon!

CITY BY-LAW:  According to The Mississauga Cyclists Handbook (16p PDF) which is available online in 7 languages: The City of Mississauga Traffic by-law prohibits bicycle riding on the sidewalk with the exception of bicycles with all wheels fifty (50) centimetres or less in diameter.  The intent of this by-law is to allow young children to cycle on the sidewalk.  The set fine for riding on the sidewalk is $35.

2018 Construction Plan: Road-based Cycling Infrastructure

Construction projects are underway around the City of Mississauga during the warmer months.  The City's Construction webpage provides information on all 2018 projects, be they roads, bridges, sewers, watermains or other types of infrastructure.  An interactive construction MAP is included on the webpage.

MCAC has derived the planned 2018 road-based cycling infrastructure projects; source documents are accessible on the webpage.  Nearly 9.5 km of cycling infrastructure projects are listed for the 2018 Roads Program (mostly Multi-Use Trails).

VIEW: Planned 2018 Cycling Infrastructure Projects (1p PDF).

Lakeshore Connecting Communities - Recommendations Presented

July 2018 Lakeshore Connecting Communities (website) is about reconfiguring the Lakeshore Road corridor in south Mississauga to safely support all modes of transportation and connect the historic communities of Lakeview, Port Credit and Clarkson while preserving and enhancing each community’s unique character and sense of place.

FINAL OPEN HOUSES:  The preferred design solutions for the Lakeshore Corridor were presented at Public Information Centres in each community during July 2018 (see Poster).  Cycling is part of the reconfiguration -- advocate for safe, continuous separation!  The latest Display Boards are now published on the LCC website.

Learn about the proposed recommendations and provide input on:

• phased approach to rapid transit
• cycling and pedestrian network improvements
• conceptual design and public realm enhancements
• Credit River crossing recommendations

► City Press Release (June 28, 2018):  Lakeshore Connecting Communities July Open Houses.

Port Credit Slow Roll - Biweekly Group Rides

July 2018:  A Slow Roll riding group has sprouted in Port Credit!  Slow Roll is a global movement founded in 2010 as Slow Roll Detroit in Michigan, USA.

In Port Credit, all events depart @ 7:00 pm from the first parking lot at JC Saddington Park at 53 Lake Street (map), returning to the park by 8:15 pm, every other Thursday evening until September.  The FREE rides average 10km.

NEXT RIDE: Thursday, August 23, 2018 @ 7:00 pmRoute TBA.

FUTURE DATES:  (Thursdays) September 6, 20.

From the Organizers:  Slow Roll is for everyone: all ages, skill levels and types of bikes are welcome.  The slow pace keeps the group safe and gives riders a unique perspective of sights along the route.  Organizers are confident that Port Credit's own Slow Roll will result in "endless cycles" of fun!

E-MAIL:  Ray at for information and/or to register.

SPONSORSHIP:  See Berts Sports for the latest information about their support of the Port Credit Slow Roll series.

Mississauga Moves - Phase Two

July 2018:  The City of Mississauga is developing a first-ever Transportation Master Plan (website) that will shape our transportation system and how we move from today to 2041.  We can plan together for the future of travel on our roads, sidewalks, trails and transit.

PHASE TWO - Where Do We Want To Go?  Using the comments and ideas contributed during Phase 1, the Mississauga Moves project team has developed a draft Vision statement and six (6) Goals for the future of transportation in our City, and is looking for public feedback....

*NEW SURVEY*► Take the Second Online SURVEY to provide feedback on the proposed Vision, Goals, and Budget.

POP-UPS:  There will be a series of Pop-Up consultations during Summer 2018.  ► View the Schedule of Key Dates in every Ward of the City from June 28 through August 9, 2018.

Mississauga News article (June 7, 2018):  Mississauga 'Moves' toward public engagement for more transit, commuting options.  Excerpt: "The project’s research reveals 86 per cent of Mississauga residents travel by car, while 10 per cent use public transit and four per cent walk or cycle".

MORE:  See the MCAC Mississauga Moves webpage.

Mississauga Cycling Master Plan - 2018 Update

July 2018:  The City of Mississauga launched Does Cycling Move You? (website) in May 2017 to Update the 2010 Mississauga Cycling Master Plan.

► The Draft 2018 Cycling Master Plan was approved at the General Committee of Council on June 27, 2018: City Press Release.

Formal approval received at Council: July 4, 2018.

NO ENDORSEMENT:  Resolution MCAC-0022-2018, as reported in the GC Agenda (June 27, 2018; Item 10.2): 'That the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee does not support the 2018 Cycling Master Plan'.  This was discussed and voted per the MCAC Agenda (June 12, 2018; Item 7.1.

► See the GC Agenda (June 27, 2018; Item 8.8) to view the 10-page Corporate Staff Report and the 80-page 2018 Cycling Master Plan presented by the City's Transportation & Works staff.

MORE:  See the MCAC Cycling Master Plan webpage (includes Barriers Map).

Bike Fests a Great Way to get into Biking

June 2018:  The City of Mississauga is conducting several Bike Fests over the summer for novice riders of all ages!

"Each Bike Fest will be run by a CAN-BIKE Instructor and have fun activities and giveaways to help you learn how to ride safely and feel more confident on your bike.  A mechanic will also be on site to do safety checks and help you get your bike running smoothly.  After everyone has taken part in the activities, you will have the chance to practice your new cycling skills by taking part in a short, easy ride."

MORE:  See the City's Bike Fests webpage for event information and schedule.  *NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED*

2018 (2nd annual) Bike Challenge is Open

June 2018:  The City of Mississauga challenges residents to bicycle 500,000 km between June 10 and September 15, 2018 to support Mississauga’s hospitals through the Trillium Health Partners Foundation.

The Challenge is designed for all rides, short or long, for recreation or a commute to work.  Every 10 kilometres cycled will unlock $1 for Mississauga’s hospitals, up to $50,000, donated by The Humberview Group.  Every ride will help to meet the community goal.

MORE:  See the MCAC Bike Challenge webpage.